About Westside Kitchen & Bath

Westside Kitchen and Bath is located in the heart of Highland Park, and has been serving the DFW area for years with high-quality kitchen and bathroom fixtures, tubs, sinks, and more.

The history of Westside is easy to define in one word: Commitment. Commitment to design and innovation. Commitment to our builders, designers, and customers.

We also have a commitment to our industy. Our sales associate has an average 18 years experience in the art of filling your hardware and plumbing needs. Westside has always been a full-service industy leader focused soley on the needs of our clients. This has been our history and is our future... one word: commitment.

Call us any time at 214-351-2020, or stop by our brand new showroom at 5411 W Lovers Ln, Dallas, TX 75209, right near Greenway Park.


Our Experienced Staff

Alan Fishman, Owner
Alan says, "I moved to Dallas in 1982, originally from Minnesota and built my business from the ground up. I have been in this industry for 28 years. My primary goal is keep up with the newest trends in the industry. I travel worldwide to work on projects with builders, architects, homeowners and designers. My newly designed showroom displays unique and exquisite inventory and is constantly updated with the newest designs. I am passionate about this business and am an expert in this field. I always give 100% on any project I work on."

Kyle Graham
Kyle says. "Plumbing and hardware, what do those words conjure up in your imagination? Is it images of mundane apparatuses or is it the functional works of art that provide the finishing touches to the rooms of your dreams? For over 20 years one of my greatest passions has been to help homeowners realize the hardware and plumbing of their fantasy properties. Another one of my passions is building relationships with the professionals in my industry, second to my family. From builders, architects, homeowners, interior designers, sales representatives to manufacturers it has been my pleasure to work with great people on fantastic projects. Making the hardware and plumbing work seamlessly in conjunction with the other aspects of the project."

Scott Thomas
Scott says. "When I was younger I was always drawing and designing homes that I imagined were my dream homes. I could see all the details in my head from the interior to the exterior. Whether it was contemporary, modern or Mediterranean, I was interested in all designs. Now, I have worked in the Decorative plumbing and Hardware industry for 15 years. I take the opportunity everyday to help others build out the interior of their dream home. I do projects in many upscale areas of Dallas and have formed contacts with major architects, builders and designers throughout the metroplex. With patience, understanding and originality, I will strive to assist you in making your dream home a reality."

David Whitmore
David says. "What I enjoy most about our industry are the talented, creative people. Working 'with them to make sure their vision is realized. To have forethought on functionality and design. Plumbing and hardware comes down to detail. I am here to make sure they are not overlooked. To provide service to you beyond the completion of your project."

Melissa Leva
Melissa says. "What I love most about our job is seeing people's faces light up when their dreams come to fruition. My main goal is to make our customers happy, and I do everything I can to make that happen."

DFW's Premiere Luxury Kitchen & Bath Showroom
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Westside Kitchen & Bath's new 3000 square foot showroom is bigger and brighter than ever!

Find us right next to Campisi's, our new location is just a few doors down from our former location in the same shopping center.

Westside Kitchen and Bath
5411 W Lovers Ln, Dallas, TX 75209
Phone: (214) 351-2020
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Our Manufacturers

Westside carries a wide range of brands, manufacturers, suppliers, and product lines. Some of our more popular manufacturers include:

Be sure to visit our manufacturers page for a complete list of our suppliers and product lines.